Dave and Sheila Coates – “Pictures All Around Us”

Members enjoyed a fascinating evening of images and narration as Dave and Sheila presented their “Pictures all Around Us” show.

The mainly landscape images were accompanied by intriguing tales of how the image was captured or how Dave and Sheila had to trek into isolated and desolate deserts in searing heat to capture that illusive image.  With friendly rivalry the narrated journey included land, sea, desserts and rocks and even the odd seal and travelled from the dales, highlands and coast of the United Kingdom through Tuscany and on to many parts of America.

Many of the images were from down memory lane and started life on film or slides and have been scanned and printed to be shared as part of this intriguing show.

You can read much more about Dave & Sheila and see many of the images that were in the show plus many more over at their website.

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