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The online competition runs throughout the year with a new subject every month and the top 3 images are selected by that month’s judge. However, for December, there is no new contest as the top three images from all the preceding 11 months are put together and sent to an external judge to select the top three of the year. It is one month where images of different subjects compete for the judge’s attention. This year there have been consistently high quality images so everyone has been waiting to see which images would win (in fact everyone has been waiting a little too long due to some confusion on your webmaster’s part!). Christine Widdall was the judge and her are her words of wisdom, below which is a gallery of all the entrants.

Here are my personal favourites from your December online competition:

1st Place – Smokin Chilli – What I enjoyed about this was the stark simplicity of design. The flow around the picture space works well as does the limited colour palette. Although the concept is quite simple, the idea was well executed.

2nd Place – Staithes – This is Staithes from a less we-known angle and the wide panorama treatment has really shown this village off in its setting. Panoramas sometimes don’t have a strong design but this one does, from the harbour wall leading in from the left to the curve of the foreground leading round to the bridge. Everything is well ┬ábalanced in this photograph.

3rd Place – Roses are Red – I found it difficult to choose between a number of images for a third place, but in the end chose “Roses are Red”. I though that the lighting was just lovely on this shot and showed up the velvetuy texture of the petals. The subtle reflection helped the image without competing for attention. Sharpness is excellent throughout.

Well there you have it. What you want now are the names of the winners. The first place went to “Smokin Chilli” by Peter Bindon, second place to “Staithes” by Nigel Hazell and third place to “Roses are Red” by Diane Pitchford. Congratulations to them and if you’re thinking about entering this year, why not give it a go. The subject for January is “Shadows” and for February is “Numbers” so plenty of scope for individual interpretation.

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