“Double Vision” night at the club!

On Monday 30th June a good attendance all were treated to a dose of “Double Vision”. This was the title of the talk by Paula and Guy Davies who are Permajet supported presenters. Between the two of them the prints they presented covered Scotland, Wales, national parks in the US, France, Venice and New Zealand. Guy presented his prints in the first half of the evening and these were mainly landscapes and plant life. The images taken in the US in canyons of red sandstone were quite spectacular. Guy’s prints varied from the ultra-sharp landscapes to moody misty woods. In his presentation Guy talked about the different types of Permajet papers he used and at half time Paula was able to provide some guidance to members about the papers, a selection of which they had brought along, and many members bought papers to try.

In the second half Paula took over the presentation and explained that although they go to the same place to take photographs they usually end up with totally different shots. This was demonstrated in her prints which eschewed the large landscapes for more closely observed scenes. Her sequence of prints was organised almost in “panels” – groups with themes. Many of the prints had an ethereal quality and she explained that she preferred to produce a print which she thought conveyed the essence of the place or scene, rather than a faithful reproduction of it. She wants it to convey how she felt about it. Paula explained how she used Corel Painter software to produce some of her images and they certainly had a painterly feel at times.

In all it was a fascinating evening with two views, often of the same place. Certainly their talk was very warmly received and many members went off with new ideas to try out. If you want to see some of their work their website is www.pixelfoto.co.uk



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