The judge decides on drink!

No it’s not a case of the online judge being driven to drink whilst trying to decide on a winner, but the subject for April’s online competition. When the subject was suggested it seemed to get many people interested but that seems to have been forgotten – or maybe everyone simply drank too much in setting up the shots (pun intended). Whatever the reason it was only a small number of entries which were actually uploaded and you can see them all below. The judge for this month was Malcolm Dobson – who does indeed like a drink! He’s had a look, had a drink, looked again, had another drink and then put some words down. Here they are .

The April on-line judging of the submitted images was an enjoyable experience  –  only  one drink for each entrant, so I didn’t have  1 over the 8 !!  A surprisingly small entry but very interesting and varied approaches to the subject. Thank you to all who took part. I’ve taken the images in the sequence submitted:-
1) – Fancy a Brew – A good triptych (in preparation for the July competition?). Well thought out concept with good lighting; I would prefer a little more prominence to the table edge so the “floating” effect would be minimised (alternatively it may work OK with a high key treatment?) . The third image is uncomfortable, the spoon is doing nothing and is too clean!!  Coffee stains and/ or‘ drips after stirring may help, or some sugar grains dissolving on the spoon after stirring? It would also add to the image with wisps of steam to add a bit of “life”!  Could be  a winner!
2) – Coffee in the City – Interesting architectural shot or promo for the business. Unfortunately not much relating to the drinks subject, but a good composition; would be better to have somebody on the right foreground of the frame taking their purchase off the bar or heading to the table.
3) – Grumpy Time – What a lovely mug shot! Good fun, but the subject is drinks and there doesn’t seem to be anything in the mug! – some steam would help here! Writing on the mug should be clearer also. The image is let down by too much clutter in both background and distracting foreground, especially the spectacles which are too prominent; they could be a useful foil if placed at a more diagonal position further behind the mug, differential focus would be useful here too! Then there’s the caramel choc. bar and wrapper which seem like a promo for the choc bar, pity it’s clean cut – better to have teeth marks to emphasise snack time! Sorry – perhaps it’s my mug! “I’m grumpy  – so what!”
4) – One over the EightInteresting shot – taken after a prolonged committee meeting?  Clearly a drink problem! Too clinical for me, needs to be a more character shot, eg crooked glasses, a beer stained beard and clothes too! I like the concept drunkard!!  Good idea but it doesn’t  rock my boat!– at least the drunkard looks happy!
5) – 1 over the 8 – I am really taken with this surprising and colourful, image.  Great idea, well executed; getting  cluttered with the inclusion of the window reflections which I find too intrusive. The level of the liquid contents should be horizontal!! I think that would make it more compelling because nothing  else is  “normal”- all a matter of opinion!
6) – Whisky on the Rocks – clever idea and a commanding image, well done. The strong contrasty picture speaks for itself –  ideal for Cardhu publicity!  What more can I say! Great pic… kind of drink too! Cheers!!
7) – Awaiting the Final Blending – A good study and exposure control of what may well have been difficult lighting conditions supported with fill in flash. This image is well contrived and has character, the more I looked at it the more I liked it !!!

My selection is:-
First place      ( Whisky on the Rocks)
Second place (Fancy a Brew?)
Third place    (Awaiting the Final Blend)

Thanks Malcolm – remind me to buy you a drink someday! To put some names to the images, in third place was yours truly Steve Wright with “Awaiting the Final Blend” (actually taken in a gin distillery in London). In second was Angela Crutchley-Rhodes with “Fancy a Brew” and the winner was Paul Watt with “Whisky on the Rocks”. Well done all.

 The subject for May is “Construction” so get your hard hats on and your hi-vis vest and start shooting.


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