Evening Outing on Monday 15th June

The intention on Monday the 15th is to go and photograph wind turbines, so there is no meeting at Brookhouse club. The wind turbines at Marr should offer easy access, so you may wish to follow this route;- Take the last right turn off the A638 Wakefield Rd just before the A1.

First Right into Redhouse Lane, passing windmills on right. (possible opportunity here for images but parking difficult.) Stay on Redhouse lane keeping right at first junction.
At the cross road go straight across onto Church Lane.

At the end of Church Lane you will reach the A635 Barnsley Road. Turn right and first left into Blacksmith Lane.
Windmills are on both sides of this road with parking available. The nearest post code available is DN5 7AX

There is really no fixed time to get there, the lighting will depend on the weather.

There are other routes, but this one gives the opportunity to do the Pickburn windmills as well as the Marr ones.

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