When: 23/08/2021 @ 19:30
Where: Zoom Meeting

On the 23rd August, members will be treated to another in our series of the successful members showcase evenings where the membership get a chance to put together a brief slideshow of their photographic interests. This can be on any subject lasting around 45 minutes. This session we have Neil Clarke and Tim …

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When: 16/08/2021 @ 19:30
Where: Wakefield Hepworth Gallery

On the 16th August, members will meet at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield to take part in some architectural Photography, spurred on by the recent talk of David Garthwaite we hope to see some impressive fine art black and white imagery in the coming weeks!!

When: 02/08/2021 @ 19:30
Where: Zoom Meeting

David Garthwaite – A fine art Photographer from Leeds will be treating us to a step by step guide to creating striking black and white fine art images. You can see some of David’s Fantastic work at https://dgshot.uk/fine-art-architecture-landscape/