Tony North – “The Art of Macro”

On the 19th of July we welcome Tony North to provide his “Macro Photography” talk. Examples of Tony’s work can be found at


Information about the talk is noted below:-

“This talk is about my experience and knowledge of macro photography in the field, shooting insects and other invertebrates. It covers my philosophy and approach to photography as an art. I will of course show lots of my best macro images, but the talk is about far more than a set of pretty pictures.

The topics covered are:

1. A brief introduction to me, my background and experience, and why I chose to focus on macro

2. The aims of my photography, in terms of style and purpose.

3. How to create beautiful macro photos. This is the main substance of the talk, and it covers 7 challenges in macro and how to overcome them:

i. Finding and getting close to the subject

ii. Depth of field

iii. Camera movement

iv. Subject movement

v. Shutter speed/light

vi. Composition/bokeh

vii. Post processing”


This will be a fantastic evening so be sure to get your Zoom seat early!!