Faces up to a point? – Clubman round 1 judged!

Monday evening of 6th February saw the judging of the first round of the Clubman Competition for this year. There are five Clubman Competitions each year for members (two Open and three Themed) comprising both Print and Digital categories. Tonight’s round was themed on “Portraits” so it’s up to each entrant to interpret that as they wish. The judge is the final arbiter as to whether the entry fulfils the brief. Given that it is Wakefield Camera Club then it was to be expected that there would be a wide range of subjects and interpretations and that certainly was the case. Entry for the competition was two weeks ago and the Competition Secretary sent the entries to the judge Duncan Webb so that he could give due consideration to them before tonight

Duncan started by giving an introduction saying that because of the number of entries he would not be able to spend much time discussing each one. When looking at the entries he wanted the photo to try and tell him a story so that he was involved with the image. He had found judging these entries to be really difficult as the standard were so high, making it hard to differentiate when scoring.

Throughout the evening the large audience was focussed on a very wide range of portraits with varying interpretations. The vast majority were female but there was a decent representation of male images and then a sprinkling of dogs cats, horses – even a cow or two! Ages of subject spanned all ages from babies to the elderly. All fitted the brief, though Duncan had his work cut out.

Duncan started with the prints and gave lots of useful feedback despite being limited on time. Each print was examined and also displayed on the large screen so everyone could see the points Duncan was making. After discussing and awarding a score to each one, the prints were displayed so that everyone could have a look at the actual “hard copy” over the interval. There had to be winners and in the print category he awarded Commended to Sally Sallett for “Kelly” and Michelle Howell for “Edwardian Lady with a touch of Stem Punk”. Paul Wagstaff was Highly Commended for “Amy”. The top three, however, were, in third Steve Wood with “Ayla”, second Sally Sallett with “Karl and Teacup” and top of the pile in first place was Paul Wagstaff with “Jonesy”.

The digital image category was a particularly large entry so competition was very stiff. However Commended was awarded to Liz Beattie for “Mr Otter” and Michelle Howell for “Lady Steampunk”. Highly Commended was given to John Gardner for “Annie”. In third place was Paul Wagstaff for “Mr Stubbs” whilst David Kershaw took second place with “Mick”. Pride of place, though,  went to with first was Tim Jonas with “Little Angel” as the outright winner.

Duncan Webb rounded off the evening by reiterating his earlier comments on the high quality of the entrants and the sheer consistency throughout the evening. I found it particularly interesting that the vast majority of the subjects were female and probably relatively young. However four of the six place winners had male subjects of “mature” years. A really good evening and thanks to Duncan for managing to get through all the entries with such helpful feedback. A gallery of the winners will be published soon.

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