February is Shaping Up

The theme for the February online completion was Shapes and Stephen, the winner from January has picked his top three.

First place goes to David Kershaw with Moore in the Landscape. This image has immediate impact for the viewer. The Henry Moore piece is crisply presented and tone blended with the background whilst still retaining the distinctive shape. Good choice of textured backgrounds adds to the overall presentation without causing the viewer to lose focus. A well crafted image.

Second place is Angela Crutchley-Rhodes with Window Wheel. Another interesting concept by the author in this image. I do not maintain that I know of all the in’s and out’s of Photoshop but here the author has employed some clever manipulation to provide this shaped image.There is detail in the windows and even a sunlit shape too in the central heart shaped figure. I would recommend considering not to have the image touch the outer limits of the frame but leave a little space to separate it from the edges.

Third place is Trevor Bottomley with Playhouse Abstract. A lot going on in this image presented by the author. This may well be the result of using a distortion filter in post processing to warp the buildings facade. It certainly has a lot of shapes going on within the frame for the eye to follow. I would suggest a little more contrast to deepen to overall toning of the image.

Congratulations to our winners and we look forward to seeing which images David picks from the March competition the subject of which is Wet, closing date is the 20th March.