February online competition images ready to be judged.

Images for the February online competition of the new year are now in and ready for judging. The theme this month was “Toys” and it attracted an entry of 19 imagesĀ  and plenty of the entrants have given free range to their imaginations. It looks to me as though there’s quite a few members with their own toy collections – and I don’t mean cameras. John Gardner is our judge this month and he will be casting his professional eye over the images over the next few days and come up with a first, second and third so keep a look out under the News heading for his verdict. If you want to see all the entries simply go to the Online Comp Entry page on the main menu of the website ( https://wakefieldcameraclub.org.uk/competitions/the-on-line-monthly-competition/on-line-competiton/nggallery/page/1/ ) or view them at the bottom of this news item

And so on to next month. The subject for the March online is RUST so make of that what you will. I’m sure that I will be surprised yet again as to how members can interpret what appears to be a simple word.

On a technical note, it has come to my attention that some members have had difficulty with the upload system. I’ve investigated and it is because of image size. I’m working on this to try and make it cope with bigger image files but until then if you can keep your images you upload to withing 1024 x 768 it would help. If you’re not sure how to do this you can email me the image and I’ll re-size it and get it entered. Thanks a lot.

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