Throwing Light on February’s Silhouettes

The subject for the February online competition was “Silhouettes” which posed an interesting challenge. Usually we are all trying to get the maximum amount of detail into our images and show depth and contrast. Well the challenge this month was to make a silhouette, which by definition lacks detail, depth and contrast, appear interesting or even arresting. Well plenty of people rose to the challenge and presented a variety of subjects for the judge to peruse. The person judging this month is Paul Wagstaff and despite being extremely busy with his normal competitions secretary duties he has come up with his top three. A really big Thank You for spending the time on this Paul. Anyway, here are his comments.

1st Midnight Stroll – A very good put together photo using a big moon with the silhouette of the child going through it .The overhanging  branches and dark grass helps to frame the image.
2nd By The Light – Another good image using a big moon to enhance the  silhouette of the wolf against a fiery orange sky.
3rd Grid Walk – A very well seen image using the light from the windows to silhouette the person on the grid walk. The windows are framing each part of the image.

So who authored those shots? In third place with “Grid Walk” was Nigel Hazell and in second place with “By the Light” was David Kershaw. Out in front with “Midnight Stroll” was Tim Jonas. Well done to all three. The subject for March is “Spring” which seemed appropriate for March when we selected it. However looking outside there’s a lot of this strange white stuff covering everything so it’s not very spring-like. However we know just how inventive and resourceful our members are so give it a go and get your entries in by midnight on the 20th for your chance of glory. Meanwhile have a look at the February gallery below.

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