Finding the Beauty in Nature

Members welcomed guests from Harrogate Photographic Society to their first Zoom experience and together they welcomed Chris Upton for a return visit to Wakefield Camera Club, this time, to talk about Finding the Beauty In Nature.

Chris is a professional photographer, based in Nottinghamshire (UK), specialising in Travel, Landscape and Social Documentary photography. He is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and is proud to be a brand ambassador for Fujifilm.

Chris says ‘ In this talk I demonstrate how to best capture the beauty of the landscape and the world around us. I shoot a variety of styles, from the wide sweeping vistas to the more intimate details of the landscape. Packed with advice for getting the most out of a shoot, from the way I plan it to seeking out the best light and constructing my compositions.’

It was a pleasure looking at the images Chris has chosen for the evening, they covered many different aspects of the Beauty in Nature from many different locations in the UK and further afield such as Slovenia, America, and France.

The images were excellent but the evening was made even more special by the narrative that accompanied them. As promised, Chris was able to detail why he had taken each image and what story he was trying to tell, furthermore he was able to explain the technique, the challenges, the lighting, the lenses and the post processing. Chris was also willing to take any questions. I am sure many of the attendees were taking copious notes and headed to the hills or woodland the very next morning to try and put things into practice.

This was a fabulous evening and those of you who want to learn more about or from Chris should head over to his website.