First Clubman of 2015 Judging

The first round of the Clubman Competition took place on the 16th February with the subject of “Long Exposure” and Bob Free came along to judge the entries – 23 prints and 41 digital images. Bob started by saying that he had enjoyed looking at them all and felt he had a very difficult task. Indeed he claimed it was possibly the most difficult he had judged out of the 430 competitions he has adjudicated on. Bob said that it had been very interesting to see different people’s interpretation of “Long Exposure” and indicated, as the judging progressed, how successfully various entrants had been in this. Water is always a popular long exposure subject, smoothing out the surface and creating milky effects. So it was this evening but there were plenty of other subjects including fairgrounds, railways, art galleries, trains, seascapes, traction engines, Brimham Rocks (they didn’t move by the way – you had to be there to see what the photographer had created), Sicily, Ferraris and even a line of washing. As you can see a very varied evening. Bob passed comments on every single print and image and awarded his scores.

In the end there were quite a lot of winners as Bob felt that quite a few deserved commendation even though they wren’t in the top three. In the print category Steve A Wood received a Commended for “Rush Hour” and Sarah Cremer for “Standing the Test of Time”. In the same category David Kershaw (“Bay at Dawn”), Jack Bunn (“Castleford Weir”) and Nigel Hazell (“Towards the Pier”) all received Highly Commended. The top three prints were Sally Sallett third with “Art for Arts Sake”, Nigel Hazell second with “Blowing in the Wind” (the line of washing mentioned earlier!) but first was David Kershaw with “Time and Tide”. In the digital image section Lee Todd (“Light Speed”), Sarah Bindon (“Spurn Point Sunset”) and Steve Womack (“Humber Bridge”) all received Highly Commended. The top three digital images were David Carr with “The Express”, second was Peter Marsh with “Lancaster Night Action” and taking the top prize was Les Forrester with “Surreal Elgol”.

A good evening with a few members going home very pleased – and some others (like me) going home thinking they must do better next time. A gallery of all the winners can be seen below.

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