Food and Drink for April

Food and Drink for April

Here are the results and judging comments for the April online competition, there is plenty to get your teeth into!

1st Place – Blueberry Muffins by David Kershaw. Nice and sharp and love the complimentary colours, maybe a light misting of water on the blueberries to make them sparkle?

2nd Place – Macaroon Stack by Ian McMillan. A nice idea but I think if the floating 3 were tilted more right and brought down to the ones below so they look to be falling over would be even better.

3rd Place – Fruity Lemonade by Angela Crutchley-Rhodes . A nice image, not sure what has happened with the focus, which seems to be on the left raspberry.  I think the main focus should be on the glass so that needed more contrast and to be the sharpest point, also the back left crack is a distraction, that said I still like the image.

Posh Nosh. Nicely presented and nice hues.

Marmalade. A simple idea that shows the title subject in focus and tells a story in the background.

Grebe. Nice play on the title and I would have been highly delighted to capture the moment.

Breakfast. I like the starburst on the spoon. Maybe some milk and sharpness on the cereal to give the hues a lift?

Times Past. A bit of street photography incorporating food and drink and a tranquil moment.

Coffee. Just needs something to lift it, maybe some water drops to make the beans look fresh and give them more contrast.

Entry is open for the May competition so get out In the Garden!