Frescoes to Photoshop in 2 hours!

On Monday 2nd June, Malcolm Dobson gave a fascinating and highly illuminating talk covering wall art through the ages. It was the second in his series of talks on art and a good audience were well entertained. Malcolm started with frescoes painted directly on walls, then onto wet plaster on walls. He started way back in about 2000BC with cave painting and then moved on to the more generally recognised frescoes from the Mediterranean. These included Roman and Byzantine in particular but with examples from all over including Romania, Denmark and even England (did you know there was a fresco in Wakefield Cathedral?). As his talk got nearer the present time he included camera obscura  and early photography. Modern wall art was highlighted – right up to Banksy. Modern imaginative frescoes are again moving forward with huge digital “prints” being used in place of the normal painting. Many of these are “trompe l’oeil” (trick of the eye) and create an impressive vista where there would only be a wall. Some new artists are combining new photographic studies with images of old frescoes to create a new striking image. Altogether a very interesting evening and appreciated by the audience. Below are some links provided by Malcolm relating to this evening.  – how to make a fresco – go to “picture galleries” then Roman Empire to find frescoes.


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