“Lots” of interest on auction night

The evening of Monday 22nd October saw the club have another very successful auction night and there was a good attendance to see what bargains were on offer this year. Peter Wells was our auctioneer this evening and he had a very eclectic mix of lots to sell. There was a throng of members poring over the lots before the auction began in earnest and what a selection there was – filters to frames, cases to card readers, lenses to lamps, cameras to coasters; everything including camera bags of all sizes, books, tripods, speakers, DVD’s, a graphics tablet and even a teddy bear. A lot of this was donated where all the proceeds went to the club funds, although some were being sold “on commission” with the commission going to the club funds. In total there were almost 100 lots and  Peter worked very hard selling the lots. Bidding at times was quite competitive. There was lots of fun to be had with the various items – in some cases bids were made to try and put the price up only for the bidder to be left with a lot they didn’t really want!

Many thanks must go to Peter Wells for his sterling efforts to get the best price for every item on sale – it is very hard work being the auctioneer for the whole evening but he carried it off with aplomb. To all those of you who bought things, I hope you didn’t get into too much trouble when you got home and didn’t ask yourself “Why did I buy this?” – and if you did you can always bring it along to the next auction night!


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