Hidden Gems?

The evening of 22nd January saw a good audience for the talk “Seldom if ever seen” by Keaton Roebuck. As the title implies this was an evening with a difference as Keaton had brought along a large collection of images which, he freely confessed, were put away for later work or other reasons and haven’t been seen much since. This is akin to putting those photographic prints at the back of the drawer for later but then forgetting all about them. Some of them were early versions of images, some he felt had defects but all of them meant something to him.

Keaton’s photography started with film and he used to have his own darkroom and he confesses he didn’t immediately take to digital and still prefers purely manual settings on his digital kit even now. In particular he doesn’t do much work in Photoshop at all and certainly doesn’t know all that it can do.

The range of images on show during the evening was very wide with landscapes, plants, sports action, animals and birds. Keaton’s commentary was interesting and engaging as he used the imperfections he had found in the shots to illustrate what could have been done to improve it, which was informative in itself. He said that some of the images would not impress a judge for various reasons, but he had caught the image and kept it because it meant something to him.

Throughout he kept up his entertaining and informative commentary delivered with self-deprecating humour and the audience appreciated both the quality of the images and the candour of his self-appraisal.


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