Hummingbird Additction

Wakefield CC members spent the evening with Ian Newton as he explained the story behind his Hummingbird Addiction.  Ian is a renowned bird and wildlife photographer and the evening was spent following Ian on many of his trips to Central and South America, the locations included Trinidad & Tobago, Costa Rica and Ecuador.  At each location Ian would stay at specialist bird and wildlife centres all of which would have bird feeder stations setup with the food for the local species allowing you to observe and photograph the many varieties that are native to each area.  Moving locations every three of four days would bring new photographic opportunities as the species would change from east to west and as you climbed into the mountains.

In addition to some stunning landscape images Ian showed ground squirrels, bears, flowers, a sloth or two and even a cayman but it was the birds that Ian was really in Wakefield to show. The bird images were quite spectacular from the very tiny to the quite large and through every colour imaginable and in some cases these colours were all on the same bird.

The real passion and reason for the trips to South America was to photograph hummingbirds and during the second half of the evening Ian explained how to setup your equipment to take freeze flight images of hummingbirds as they feed. Using a local plant baited with sugar water surrounded by a minimum of five identical flash units allowed Ian to light the background, produce a rim light effect to separate the bird from the background and use the remaining three flash units to freeze the flight of the hummingbirds. The results are quite amazing.

A thoroughly enjoyable and informative evening.

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