If you go down to the woods today …… you’ll find the online winners.

Hi all. The subject for the February Online Competition was “Woodland” and we had a fair forest of entries, some from budding members and some from mature specimens! Tim Jonas had to branch out into a new field called judging to find those entries which raised themselves above the canopy to see the clear daylight of winning. It only leaves me to give you his words of wisdom (and to call a halt to the puns).

First place – Pine forest – The detailed green and yellow textures bring this lush summer woodland scene to life.  A subtle hint of a river weaving through the trees to a lighter patch of grass draws the eye against the competing woodland landscape.

Second place – Enjoying a woodland walk – The subjects are framed by the woodland trees and separated from the background by the rays of light giving the image a three-dimensional quality. The burnt-out area beyond the trees lets the image down slightly but a great effort.

Third place – Woodland springtime – Vibrant colours and good handling of exposure in the dark and light areas. The vertical trees give an impression of the woodland slope. Cropping a little from the left and bottom to remove the light area and brown leaves may have made this an even stronger image.

Highly commended – Newmillerdam autumn – The colours and exposure are well handled to give a real autumnal feel.   A subject along the path would really have made this image one of the top contenders.

Commended – Autumn leaves – The colours and patterns of the decaying foliage make for an interesting alternative take on the woodland theme. 

Commended – The root to my heart – A well seen image and fantastic title with the roots leading up to the graffitied hearts on the tree. 

Well there you have it. Some really good images but there always have to be winners. Commended was Alitair Dore with “The Root To My Heart” and receiving highly commended was Keith Nunns with “Newmillerdam Autumn”. In third place was John Mynard with “Woodland Springtime” and in second place was Angela Crutchley-Rhodes with “Enjoying A Woodland Walk”. In top spot was Robert Bilton with “Pine Forest”. Well done to everyone. As usual you can see all the images in the gallery below.

If you are sitting comfortably then I’ll begin (aimed at people of a certain age!) to tell you that the subject for next month, March, is “Furniture”. Yes the stuff you sit on, bump into, occasionally kick and store all those things that you can’t find later on. You don’t have to travel far for your shots this time so have a go and get your entries in by midnight on the 20th March. As usual you can upload your entries on the upload page you’ll find by “Online Comp Entry” button on the menu bar at the top of the front page.

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