Images, videos, music and food – a good start to the autumn programme

The evening of Monday 3rd September saw the start of the autumn programme with an audio visual extravaganza in the first half followed by a social with food.

The A/V show was not a competition but a showcase for members to present some projects they have been working on. That being the case the presentations were very varied in both nature and length. First up was Nigel Hazel with a presentation on the Le Mans 24 hour race accompanied by music from The Beach Boys and Santana. There were shots of the racing, the pits, the crowds and the cars and the effect of the constantly changing images and the music conveyed the atmosphere of the event. Next up Neil Scarlett took a different tack by taking the music as the centrepiece – Bruce Springsteen’s “Girls in their Summer Clothes” – and assembled a set of images to match the lyrics. This was very successful and really showed how effective the combination of images and music can be. The audience was then transported to India by Chris New with very evocative images accompanied by sitar music to complete the atmosphere. Carrying on with the travel theme Trevor Bottomley took us to Dublin with a series of images in what is becoming his trademark style, accompanied by the music of Enya for Celtic completeness. The next presentation was decidedly different as Steve Wood used footage shot from his drone locally in Seckar Woods. As each clip was shot moving away from a point, there developed a haunting quality to the presentation which could not have been achieved with still images. Chris New returned with a presentation on the Goth Weekend at Whitby followed by Trevor Bottomley again this time taking us to Scotland. Steve Woods’ second presentation subject was a road trip to the Hebrides. It was another unusual one combing stills with video footage from the car (I hope it was speeded up rather than showing the actual speed Steve was driving at!). Again it was very effective in telling a story which is one of the aims of audio visual presentations.

After all the A/V’s the meeting became a social giving an opportunity for a good natter and to talk to some of the new members and visitors. The buffet provided certainly helped this along and may become a more regular feature on the club calendar.

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