In the Garden for May

In the Garden for May

1st Place – A Quiet Corner by Trevor Bottomley. Judging is such a personal thing and we all set our own criteria. This image fits my brief almost perfectly for ‘In the garden’, though a glass of wine on the table would have added that extra little touch. I just want to be there, enjoying the sunlight and the gentle breeze, filled with the sounds of insects in flight and the smell of new growth.

2nd Place – Crocus by Sara Cremer. Simplicity sometimes pays off and this is one of those occasions. Crocus’s make you think of the promise of spring and the pleasure of being outside in the garden. For me, the soft focus and shallow depth of field makes this a delightful image.

3rd Place – Laburnum Arch Brodsworth Hall Gardens by Angela Crutchley Rhodes. If you have never been, this is a great place to spend a pleasant morning. My only personal regret is that I always get the timing wrong and miss the laburnum flowering. The image fits the set subject and is nicely balanced. I may have been tempted to make the yellows a little more punchy and increase the contrast to heighten the shadows under the arch.

Highly Commended – Goldfinch In My Garden by Michelle Howell. For me this is a great image, though it is a little off the theme, being more about wildlife than about ‘The Garden’. However, I just had to include it in my selection as it really fits my idea of a great photograph.

Commended- Honey Bee On Plant by Neil Clarke. A great macro shot, but again not quite on the set subject.

Commended – Unwinding In The garden by Steve Wright. I like the composition and the ‘vision’ of the author, in seeing this shot. I may have been tempted to play a little more with backlighting, but we all see things in different ways.

It is always a privilege to look at other people’s images and see how they handle a set subject. On a different day I may have made a different set of selections, but that is life. Always remember we take pictures for pleasure and the only person that you really should try and please is yourself. David Kershaw.

Trevor Bottomley will be the judge for the June Online competition so you had all best head off to the Woodlands.