In the Kitchen

In the Kitchen

It was great to see a higher number of entries for the last online competition of this exceptional year. There was a significant variety of images which just shows how differently a competition theme can be interpreted. It was not easy to judge, but I did manage to make a choice and my winners are below.

1st – Country Kitchen – a great image, a great story and if you listen carefully you can hear these wonderful ladies chattering away against a background of the hustle and bustle of a busy household. I loved the warmth of the colours.

2nd – Straining Off – this great image tells the story of the hard work that goes into a busy kitchen. Monochrome suits the image and really captures the atmosphere created by the steam and heat from the fryers. Should the bottom have been cropped off? I will let you decide.

3rd – Ok What Next Nigella – not the best title for this image but another great story, these two hard working ladies are clearly in their kitchen and I’m left wondering what delicacies they are cooking in this fantastic oven.

I must mention a couple of the entries. Cheese on Toast made me smile and had my attention from the first time I saw it. A great idea but not quite up with the winners especially without the Worcestershire Sauce! I also thought Kitchen Chaos was a great creative idea.

Thank you to everyone that entered and congratulations to the winners.