In your Garden and Close to Home

In your Garden and Close to Home

Vision, Determination and Patience are just three of the words that come to mind to describe Simon Roy, a wildlife photographer, the guest speaker at Wakefield Camera Club on Monday evening.

Simon is an award-winning wildlife photographer based in Yorkshire, UK. He works to expose the beautiful, fragile, yet enduring nature of our British wildlife. His work is widely published and has been highly commended in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, International Garden Photographer of the Year, and Bird Photographer of the Year competitions.

Often working close to home, he specialise in garden wildlife and the relationship between people and nature. Simon aims is to make original, inspiring, and thought-provoking images that raise awareness of the creatures we live beside.

His passion for wildlife began during childhood spending many hours observing and identifying the various bird species in the hedge outside the window. Simon has a degree in art and design and worked as a Graphic Designer for ten years before becoming a professional photographer.

The evening with Simon was fascinating, every image had a story, many of which took several years to write. He plans every image to the finest detail, this may include perches near a hide, props on the clothes line or cutting up an old boot to encourage a Bank Vole to pose beautifully. Would you ‘hide’ in a Bluebell wood for several 12-hour days over a 3-year period for a picture of a Roe Deer?

Whilst laying on a tarpaulin in the mud trying to get images of the Water Vole Simon noticed that they could not quite reach the last of the Blackberries so he screwed a table mat to a fishing bank stick, attached a moss covered rock and pushed into the water to create a stepping stone. After this he waits…… and eventually….

There were so many other equally intriguing stories, there is one behind every image spent with Simon exploring his garden and locations close to home.

You can see more of Simon’s work on his website.