Informal discussion/critique evening and Adobe Lightroom

This evening was a good Clubman affair, starting off with the principles of Lightroom and how to use some of its features Robert Bilton showed us his interpretation of first stop editing. This was a well presented dialogue with good illustrations to show how each function could be performed. For those trying to get started on the wonders of editing packages this was a good grounding to whet the appetite!
This was followed by a critique or explanation of how a submitted image had been created. With a respectable variety of subjects from the audience a lively dialogue ensued, from  extreme, creativity from Mr Kershaw at his best!! to more simple critiques on composition, lighting and what unnecessary details in an image can be removed to develop a more dramatic and potentially competition winning image.
With judicious and imaginative application of ideas, what sets out as a good  “ordinary” photograph, we were treated to a demonstration of how one can develop such images to great effect. Even excellent work can be elevated to such status. A very interesting and informative evening.

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