It certainly worked for Trevor

Each month Digital Photo magazine (one of the most popular photography magazines) gives guidance on a variety of techniques, both “in camera” and in the use of Photoshop software. Readers are invited to try out the technique and send in their efforts so that the following month the magazine can publish the best work under the heading “It Works For Me!”. Well our treasurer Trevor Bottomley did do just that by trying out their fragmentation technique. 'Minerva' FragmentedHe duly sent his work in and if you buy the magazine this month you will see Trevor’s picture in all it’s glory . As his subject he used a statue in Leeds. Trevor told me “The original image is of a statue entitled ‘Minerva’ in Briggate, Leeds, outside the Trinity Shopping Centre. I thought it a good subject for the Fragmentation technique shown in the April issue of the magazine, so gave it try and thought I’d submit it, entitling it ‘Minerva Fragmented’, and was lucky to have it accepted!” Lucky is not the word I’d use Trevor as it is a really good image and a subject just right for this treatment. Not only did Trevor get his work published but he also won a 25-in-one memory card reader and a 16GB high speed memory card. Well done Trevor.  You can see the image on this page and if you click on it you’ll see a larger version.








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