It was all Black and White (and quite a bit of grey)

A packed house from both members and guests at Brookhouse on Monday night for the presentation by The Yorkshire Monochrome Group. A night of information, the role of  the Group, their lecture days  and most importantly the viewing of numerous prints from the two presenters. Being Yorkshiremen the evening was to be liberally sprinkled with the dry humour of photographers long in their art and background in and around the area.
First up was Tony Elliot who explained he had not really made it into the digital age but admitting he did have a ‘ Panasonic’ which drew laughter from the audience. Tony went on to explain that he still preferred the wet darkroom and the joys of watching the image unfold before your very eyes. An avid collector of cameras, Tony went on to display images taken with a variety of differing models. He recalled the purchase of a pinhole camera, which he had with him, and the fact that everything was f196 and exposure times could be as long as 19 minutes dependent on circumstances. You take the images and you do not know what you have recorded until you develop the film , none of this digital stuff here. The images printed up were quite revealing and showed how versatile the process is. Another print was made by finally exposing through tissue paper after commencing  the process in the normal method with the resulting image taking on a different look. Tony showed a varied selection of styles all of which were outstanding examples of the genre. All this together with a steady stream of information and comment made for an absorbing first half.
Starting the second half Barrie Oddie opened with a similar theme of having a love for the darkroom but as the Digital Age had progressed and processes changed he had moved over when Epson had launched the R2400 printer. Barrie also had a keen wit and humour that accompanied his images, telling tales of characters found in Doncaster, Scarborough and around home. One such person when bribed with Chicken soup complained that it was getting cold what with all the photography. Another character taken at the Spa in Scarborough asked if he could show Barrie, ‘Arnold’ to which Barrie’s wife suggested he did not go there. All this along with a steady stream of quality images of portraiture and fine art kept the members and guests fixed to their seats so much so that when Barrie asked if they would like to see more then the answer was a resounding ‘Yes’.
All good things had to end and Tony and Barrie received recognition from the audience of a job well done and no doubt left with some ideas turning in their minds from the truly exceptional images on display tonight. You can see some of their images here.

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