It was Open for Clubman 4

The subject for the fourth round of this years Clubman was Open, meaning anything goes. Unfortunately due to the limitations placed upon us by this very strange year we were limited to a digital completion only.

Steve Dormer was our judge for this round and the first judge to work with us as we introduce PhotoEntry as our new way of entering, judging and scoring. Steve was able to view, comment, score and place the images all within the PhotoEntry system and we would like to thank Steven for his support with this.

Unfortunately, Steve had been called away with work so was unable to join us on Zoom to present his findings but having previously entered his comments and scores our Competition Secretary was able to deliver the comments and places.

Steve had mentioned that the standard was really high hard making it very difficult to pick the winners but he was still able to provide valuable comments and insight on each image for the authors to take on-board as they strive for the perfect competition images.