It’s time to reflect

The subject of the July online competition ¬†was “Reflections” so how did everyone get on looking into mirrors, water, metal, windows etc? Well a few got out and about to to find something which gave them an effect they were happy with. Interestingly enough no=one seems to have used a mirror – too obvious I suppose – and most managed to avoid having themselves in the image. The judge this month is Michelle Howell. However the last I heard Michelle was all at sea (well sailing off Valencia) so I’m not sure how good her internet access is and it may be a few days before she can give her words of wisdom. In the meantime have a look at the entrants and make your own selection. The results will be on the site as soon as I can arrange it.¬†Things are looking up next month as the subject for August is “Clouds” so train those lenses skywards and, for once, you may not be criticised for having too much sky!

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