Story Telling with Jane Lazenby

Story Telling with Jane Lazenby

This week members and guests gathered round their screens for week three of the Summer Workshops. In the first of two weeks, Jane Lazenby used Photoshop to work magic before our very eyes. The key subject covered included textures, Topaz, multi layered masking, inverting masks, changing texture colours and working in creative ways with brushes.

Jane is a member of Wakefield Camera Club and for those of you that are meeting her the first time I have provided this quote from her websiteMy love of art led to a fine art degree and many years as an artist specialising in portrait human and animal. I found a love for teaching and supporting others and qualified to teach in Further and Higher Education. Throughout this time my love of photography grew, and alongside that, my creative soul grabbed Photoshop and ran! I adore romance, creativity, intrigue and originality. My background as a painter allows me a unique artistic interpretation and style to my images which have met critical acclaim both nationally and internationally!

Jane started by explaining that the evening was unscripted, we would work with her to select from backgrounds, foregrounds and subjects, the ‘Elements’ to create a composite image that told a story of a young girl with a pony.

The Elements

Jane had grouped together about 6 of each background, foreground and subject images and talked us through how she placed them together like a scrapbook to decide which ones to work with. Decisions made here are not final. By working in layers Jane is able to swap any of the elements at any stage if it helps tell the story.

During the course of the evening Jane cropped the elements, expanded the canvas, used the transform and warp tools, matched colours, adjusted the perspective, made selections, used masks, blurred the background, used specialist hair brushes to cut-out furry collars and pony mane. then textures were added under the girl and pony and over the whole image, adjusting and revisiting blend modes, recolouring the textures and adjusting their opacity. We even removed the yellow ‘poo’ stains from the pony. Finally, the flattened image was taken into Topaz to add an overall finished look.

Lena and Pony

This thoroughly enjoyable evening was truly a case of seeing is believing, the magic literally did happen on screen right in front of us.

After an interactive round of questions and answers the evening ended with a very enthusiastic round of applause and thanks for Jane and of course Lena.

You can read more about Jane on her website and you can tune in again next week for part 2 when Jane will be covering replacing backgrounds, compositing, finishing, matching colours, using masking and creating a story. It promises to be another great evening.