John Gardner’s on the streets!

When John Gardner is scheduled to make a presentation to the club you know you’re in for a great night- and that’s what we had on Monday. John joined the club in the late eighties, at that time a keen amateur with a pure interest in nature photography – but was soon intrigued by more experienced members’ portrait work, honing his technical and artistic skills so that when the opportunity arose John became a highly respected commercial and professional image-taker.

So Monday evening was a revelation, in that John demonstrated his additional Personal  interest in street photography, using lightweight smaller scale mirrorless equipment that is more suitable and less obstrusive for public places than his beloved full frame Nikon DSLR.

With a host of classy images taken in locations ranging from Rotterdam to Florence, redolent of his hero Cartier-Bresson, John exampled the potential of the artistic interpretation of the street scene. Entertaining, humorous, technically instructive and supportive in the advice he provides to club members – is it any wonder there was great appreciation shown by a very happy audience.

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