John Lights Louise

On the evening of Monday 10th February John Gardner presented the latest of his regular series of “Lights Nights” from our own professional photographer John Gardner. It is a practical evening where John comes along with lighting and model(s) to demonstrate on how to set up lighting, either in your home or in a studio, and demonstrates what can be achieved. Each time he tries to introduce a new technique and everyone is encouraged to bring their gear along as there are plenty of opportunities to shoot effectively-lit shots yourself.

John’s excellent model on Monday was Louise; 2017 British Body Building Champion.  A straightforward 2 light set up was used for head and shoulders portraits. The first set up was clam shell style with a softbox above her head with a large rectangular ‘California’ (warm silver) reflector below. John then used a blue gelled light to help isolate Louise from the black background.

The second set up involved a change of clothes. The main light was then positioned to Louise’s right with the reflector positioned vertically to her left to act as a fill. Using this set up members were able to shoot a variety of images. John was of course on hand to provide valuable expertise and support. He recommended using f11 at 200 ISO with a long lens. This was based on John’s Pentax 645 equipment with a 120mm (35mm equivalent) lens. Everyone had a good opportunity to use their own kit to get images and there were plenty of comparisons and tips circulating all evening. Thanks John and Louise for an excellent evening. If you have any of yours to add please email them to or and I will add them to a gallery.

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