Judging Furniture on the Street!

Well, the first online competition of the year had “Street Furniture” as its topic but no-one appeared to find a sofa on the M1, which, given the creative abilities of some of our members, is quite surprising. There were still a lot of interesting observations, though, and Paul Wagstaff had his work cut out to pick his top three. However he’s done it and here are his thoughts (apologies to him for being a bit late with posting these – he was very quick and I’ve been rather slow!

1st place  Sleepover – A well spotted opportunity to get the photo of the old timer having a sleep. The seat from the bottom left leads your eyes  into the frame to where the man is sleeping and the dark vignette holds it together.
2nd Guardians of the Market – The phone boxes lead you into the image and takes your eyes up and around the building and the verticals are ok – it doesn’t look like the building is falling backwards. Turning the image into monochrome and bringing the reds  back works for me.
3rd place Bike Racks – A well exposed night shot  with lots of detail in the blacks and shadows  – the different shades of blacks, greys and silvers. It’s a shame to have cropped the bike wheel in half. All that  empty space in the bike rack and the bike is left stood against the lamppost!

Thanks Paul (and I promise to be quicker next time). Well do you agree with him? Have a look at the gallery below and see what you think. Thanks to everyone who took part, particularly to Peter Wells who showed that you can still win even when you are at the other side of the world! Next month the subject is Trees and there’s plenty of those around, even if there are no leaves, so why not have a go. I wonder if we’ll see that lone tree above Malham Cove?

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