Seeing not double but treble – it’s the Triptych Competition Results

On the evening of 16th July the judging of the annual Triptych Competition was held. Colin Williams was the judge with the task of not simply picking the best image but having to decide on which set of three worked for him. This competition is for a print or image of standard size but containing 3 smaller prints or images. It sounds more complicated than it is. However to get  good triptych the 3 have to have an overall theme or feel and work as a whole. It isn’t always easy to get 3 images or prints to combine in a meaningful way. It looks simple but achieving balance, colour coordination, subject direction, placement etc is pretty difficult as Colin pointed out. The subjects for tonight’s entries included flowers, portraits, jet skis, racing car crashes, bridges…….. you name it. Colin gave full comments on every every entry paying particular attention to the triptych aspects.

There have to be winners though. First up were the prints and in third place was David Kershaw with “Evening on the Thames”. Tim Jonas was in second place with “Sarah”. However beating everyone in the print section was Nigel Hazell with “Mosaic Panel, Basillica Ta Pinu”. In the Digital Projected Image section Angela Crutchley-Rhodes was Commended with “Prison Windows” as was Sally Sallett with ” Mother and Child Reunion”. Sally also gained a Highly Commended with “Ribbitt”. In third place was Jane Lazenby with “The Many Faces of Pip Atkins” and in second was Angela Crutchley-Rhodes with “A Perfect Brew”. In first place, though, was Nigel Hazell with “Guggenheim”. Congratulations to all of them. You can see the images in the gallery below.

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