July Online results – It’s all shades of grey!

The subject of July’s online competition was “Monochrome” and it attracted a sizeable entry. There’s something about a monochrome image that can have a real impact – perhaps it still leaves something to the imagination or perhaps nostalgia or then again perhaps you are not distracted from the main subject with colour. Whatever the reason it provided plenty of food for thought for this month’s judge, Sally Robinson. She had the unenviable task of sorting out the winners this month so let’s see what she actually thought.

May I first of all say well done to everyone who entered this month’s competition.  The standard of work was fantastic (wish my photos were half as good).  After great deliberation I have finally made my decision .
IN 3rd place -LET GO IT’S MINE. I think the author of this photo has captured the dogs well.  I think it looks sharp right down to the droplets of water coming off the dogs as they come out of the sea. The exposure is good; I find it quite difficult taking pictures of water when the sun is being reflected on it.  Well done.
In 2nd place – CANBERRA PARLIAMENT REFLECTED. I like the picture a lot, I think the author has composed this picture well, the reflection looks great with the  little ripple in it.
In 1st place – TWISTLETON SCAR. What can I say? This is an iconic landscape that must have been photographed countless times, so for me to pick it, it had to be perfect. The sky is dramatic. The limestone pavement leads you through the picture to the tree and then on to the hill in the background. A great piece of work.
I do want to mention one more picture.
SNIPER what a great photo, this would have come first had the barrel of the gun  been as  sharp as the rest of the image but that’s what makes photography great – everyone has a different perspective.

Happy snapping

Sally x

Thanks for that Sally. Now you want to know who won (or perhaps you already do if it was you!). Well “Sniper” was the work of Peter Wells, whilst Paul Watt was the author of the 3rd place image “Let Go, It’s Mine”. In 2nd place was Michelle Howell with “Canberra Parliament Reflected” and the outright winner was Neil Carter with “Twistleton Scar”. Well done everyone.

Next month the subject is Sea Scapes – just right for the summer holidays. If you’re staying in this country it’s probably a great opportunity for images of wild seas and rain clouds. There’s no truth in the rumour that the subject was chosen by our own yachtswoman Michelle Howell but …….    In a country surrounded by sea you must have an image to put in so why don’t you have a go. Meanwhile have a look at the monochrome images from July.

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