June in the Woodlands

June in the Woodlands

On viewing all the images as a panel, three images immediately caught my eye as conveying the theme perfectly. So, these had to be my first three choices for the June Online Competition. After viewing each image full screen and much deliberation, here are my choices:

1st Place – Deep In The Forest by Peter Wells
Just love that wonderful dappled light in the foreground. The eye is then taken along the bright area in the centre leading us through the trees, and I like the subtle beams of sunlight coming through at the top, they’re not overpowering to distract the eye. It looks to have a slight touch of Diffuse Glow in Photoshop applied, giving a ‘soft ‘ feel, yet still being sharp, and all the elements together give it a magical, mystical feel. Had to be my number one choice.

2nd Place – Way Into The Woodland by Steve Womack
Very lovely light illuminating that path, which picks out the moss-covered rocks very well. The image invites us to wander along the path and into the mist, which helps give the scene depth, and to see what’s beyond. Another very appealing image, which l really like and it makes us want to be there.

3rd Place – A Carpet Of Gold by Neil Carter
Wonderful colours in this, especially that ‘carpet of gold’. Different to the previous two images, here we have more space to wander about. A well-composed shot, and the tree roots on the right seem to be reaching out towards the line of rocks on the left, both of which help frame the scene. A very delightful image, making it worthy of 3rd place.

Highly Commended – The Stump by David Kershaw
A very lovely infra-red mono. It’s well-composed, and the stump is enhanced by the cluster of fungi on it, with the overhanging tree branches and leaves seeming to provide a cover and shelter for the fungi and stump.

Commended – Managed Woods by Ian McMillen
Another quite different image, which works very well I think. Love the atmospheric mist and trees rising up behind the pile of logs, it really makes them leap out at you, having a 3D feel to it, especially when viewed full screen.

Commended – Bluebell Wood Panel by Sally Sallett
I did like this montage of a single image cut up into 5 images, and presented in different sizes like this makes it especially appealing. Curious to know what the term for a 5 image montage is, I did an internet search and it can be a Quintych or a Pentaptych…you learn something new every day. However, on viewing full screen it’s not as sharp as it should be, through foreground to background, which lets it down a little, but still think it worthy of a Commended for the idea.

Thank you Trevor. Congratulations to the winners and well done to everyone who entered. It is important to stay safe when capturing the images for the next online competition. Let’s hope of judge Peter has a head for heights.