June Online “Rivers” results flood in!

This month Ian Waddington stepped away from entering the online competition and acted as judge and jury for the subject of “Rivers”. As usual, it is not an easy job but he has come up with the goods – a top three and some good comments (a judge’s life is never easy). Here they are below. See if you agree with his choices.

I have ‘backseat’ judged many of the online and clubman competitions since joining Wakefield CC and often wondered how hard can it be, well let me tell you it is hard. Presented with a selection of excellent images all showing a different interpretation of the set subject I found myself scrolling back and forth and back and forth.  

In first I was drawn to the beautifully captured bridge and overhanging trees of the River Dearne at Bretton,  in second I just loved the bright and clear reflections of the River Aire in Leeds and Life on the River became my third choice as it looks to be so much fun.

So, in the all the time I have been backseat judging the judge has never actually got it quite right, and I’m sure there will be many other backseat judges out there thinking that once again the judge has not got it quite right. The difference this time is that I was driving and I never ask for directions so I must be right!!


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