Ken Fisher’s “dynamic” evening.

Ken Fisher’s evening on HDR (high dynamic range) photography drew a large appreciative audience. In his usual friendly style Ken started from basics defining dynamic range and then comparing the range seen bye the human eye compared to a camera’s sensor (as you might expect the human eye is way way better than any sensor yet devised). A clear explanation of how camera metering tries to get the best exposure and showed its limitations. This led on to how HDR as a technique can solve some of the problems. Ken’s slides and examples helped make the points very clearly.

Once Ken had established the concepts behind HDR photography he went on to many tips about how to put it into practice, particularly what to consider before getting anywhere near HDR software. There was lots of advice on how to use the software, in particular about which adjustments to do in the HDR software and which to do inĀ  Photoshop (it came as a surprise to learn that most should be in Photoshop after the HDR processing). Ken used a detailed example to illustrate this and to demonstrate his preferred workflow – it certainly produced impressive results. The final part of the talk was about “vertoramas” where multiple images are combined to produce an almost fish-eye lens effect and spectacular results. A brief slideshow showcased some of Ken’s HDR work showing what can be achieved.

A very entertaining and informative evening and we hope to see Ken back again in the summer to present our summer series of workshops. I hope to have Ken’s slideshow on the resources page of the website in the next few days.

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