Ken has a Plan

Wakefield Camera Club members were joined on Zoom by guests from a number or different clubs this week to learn about planning from Ken Fisher. The full title of this evenings presentation was “Make a Plan – Work the Plan – Create a Photographic Workflow – Create the Mindset, Create the Image”. For those who do not know Ken he is a Barnsley based photographer and a longtime friend of Wakefield Camera Club who would usually be presenting our Summer Season following the annual exhibition but as we all know there is nothing usual about this year.

This week, the second of two presentations, Ken explained how he had used the extra time he now had available to review how he approached many aspects of both his personal and professional life with a view to planning to make them better. In this context better was in terms of efficiency and resources and of course cost is always a factor.

There were a number of examples that reduced waste by the introduction of post-it notes rather than taking clean paper from the printer. Another was to stop shooting RAW & JPG unless the situation really called for both, perhaps one or the other might be a better approach – how many of us have hundreds if not thousands of JPGs alongside the RAW images that will never be used?

Ken was encouraging people to stop and think about what they do and how they do it. One example took us on a journey from trailing powers leads, to gaffa tape, through heavy cable management strips, a bad back and sore knees before realising that the solution for powering the ‘portable’ studio lighting was to invest in new rechargeable units.

There were some photographic examples that included making use of ultra-high speed memory cards to allow the camera to burst without waiting for the card to catch-up and the example of using camera calibrations with Lightroom and Camera RAW gained a lot of interest to make post-processing workflows more efficient.

It was an informative evening which ended in an enthusiastic round of applause in appreciation. If you want to contact Ken or learn more about his plan, photography and training you can do so on his Livelink Training website.