Ken has the Macro Bug

Wakefield Camera Club members were joined on Zoom by guests from a number or different clubs this week to learn about Ken Fisher and his Bug journey. For those who do not know Ken he is a Barnsley based photographer and a longtime friend of Wakefield Camera Club who would usually be presenting our Summer Season following the annual exhibition but as we all know there is nothing usual about this year.

Followers of Ken’s blog will know that he has admitted defeat to his heavy DSLR and switched to a much lighter Micro Four Thirds system and judging by the show of hands on the screen many of the audience use the same system for the very same reason. Ken’s talk and presentation this evening was all about Ken using his new camera system to go in search of bugs, something he has taken the opportunity to do in is own backyard during lockdown.

The evening was an interesting mix of tips and tricks covering the equipment for macro photography, bugs, technique and the images. Ken shared a lot of detail about how he had progressed from a new bug hunter, an absolute beginner, to nearly not half bad – I’d say he has got a lot further than that!

Ken went on to explain that macro photography equipment should not be limited to photographing bugs and promptly displayed images of smoke, silhouettes and bubbles all of which is possible with a bit of imagination and had you ever thought of using an image on your computer monitor as the backdrop so some of these projects, it seems all you need is an extra hand to hold the objects, the possibilities are quite literally endless.

There was an opportunity for many questions and many of the audience also shared their own efforts. The audience thanked Ken for an enjoyable and informative evening. If you want to contact Ken or learn more about his photography and training you can do so on his Livelink Training website.