Lights, Camera Action! Round 1 of 2018 Clubman Judged.

Monday evening of 5th February saw the judging of the first round of the Clubman Competition for this year. There are five Clubman Competitions each year for members (two Open and three Themed) comprising both Print and Digital categories. Tonight’s round was themed on “Movie Titles” so it’s up to each entrant to interpret that as they wish. The judge is the final arbiter as to whether the entry fulfils the brief. Given that it is Wakefield Camera Club then it was to be expected that there would be a wide range of interpretations and that certainly was the case. Entry for the competition was two weeks ago and the Competition Secretary sent the entries to the judge Alan Ogilvey so that he could give due consideration to them before tonight.  Alan started by giving an introduction saying that most of the entries were of a very high standard and a credit to the club. This had made judging difficult but scores had been decided.

There were a good number of prints entered so it was then on with business. Alan had considered every single entry and provided everyone with his thought on each. The movie titles were as varied as expected and had given everyone ample opportunity to express themselves. A random sample of the titles used indicates the range of subjects – Kes, Carry on Nurse, Casablanca, Dog Day Afternoon, The Forest, Mamma Mia, Ryan’s Daughter, Zorro, The Good The Bad and the Ugly, Avatar …… the list was almost endless. In the end Alan picked out the ones for a special mention. Commended went to “Monkey Business” by Steve Wright and “Raiders of the Lost Ark” by Steve A Wood. Highly Commended went to “The Beach” also by Steve A Wood. Third place was awarded to “Papillon” by Peter Wells and second to “War Horse” by Jane Lazenby. Taking top spot of first place in prints was “Kes” by Bernard Todd. Well done to everyone.

Then it was on to the digital images and there were plenty of them to look at. Alan went through each image and commented on every one. The movie titles included were just as wide – Shaun of the Dead, A Bridge Too Far, Dances with Wolves, Goldfinger, Brief Encounter, The Mousetrap, A Clockwork Orange. Babe, Wuthering Heights and The Stud. Maybe unsurprisingly the title “The Beach” figured a few times in both prints and digital images. In the digital category Commended went to “Two for the Road” by Chris Goodacre, and “The Stud” by Michelle Howell. Highly Commended was “Jaws” by Liz Beattie. In third place “Born Free” by Paul Wagstaff and in second was “The Last Unicorn” by Jane Lazenby. Taking first place was “Brokeback Mountain” by Paul Watt (and it must have nearly broken the model’s back to achieve the shot Paul wanted!). Congratulations to all the winners and, as was said on the evening, it was good to see so many younger and more recent members high up in the placings.

It was a fascinating evening and Alan did a sterling job considering the number of images he had to get through in the time. You can see all the winners in the gallery below.

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