“Look down” is April’s message

The Easter festivities are over and some people might be fed up with chocolate (can you be?) so here we are with April’s online competition. The subject was “Looking Down” and, well (something you may look down) Ian and I have had some problems with the galleries on the site so we are a little late, but thanks to Ian’s efforts we seem to be running OK again. There’s been a good set of entries for this month’s judge, Angela Crutchley-Rhodes, to peer down on and get into some sort of order. As usual there’s been a wide variety of approaches from wide vistas to individual items, some creativity and some vertigo inducing images. Angela will provide the winners and comments in a few days so have a “look down” below at the images and pick your own favourites. In the meantime get your thinking caps on and your shutter finger ready for May’s competition where the subject is “Architecture”.

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