Looking Through Windows gets Results!

Monday evening of 14th November saw the judging of the 5th and last round of the Clubman Competition for this year. There are five Clubman Competitions each year for members (two Open and three Themed) comprising both Print and Digital categories. Tonight’s round was themed on “Windows” so it’s up to each entrant to interpret that as they wish. The judge is the final arbiter as to whether the entry fulfils the brief. Given that it is Wakefield Camera Club then it was to be expected that there would be a wide range of interpretations and that certainly was the case. Entry for the competition was two weeks ago and the Competition Secretary sent the entries to the judge Gordon Quinn so that he could give due consideration to them before tonight

Gordon started by giving an introduction saying that, in actual fact, it was a difficult subject and he was glad he wasn’t entering it! He said that the entry had to be about the window itself and not have the window as simply a “support player”. On this basis some entries had to be marked down. Then it was on to the digital images and there were 28 of them to look at. Gordon went through each image and commented on each one. The subjects included windows in ruins, stained glass, trains, skyscrapers in glass etc. In the final analysis, though, Gordon awarded third place to “Venetian Window” by Michelle Howell, second place to “Elvis is in the Building” by Trevor Bottomley and first place to “Room with a View” by E David Jones. Well done to all.

After the interval a dozen prints were judged. Again there was a range of subjects to be assessed and Gordon gave his comments on them all. Stuart awarded Highly Commended to “Where’s she gone Giovannni” by Steve Wright, third place to “The Face” by Sally Sallett, second place to “Dereliction” again by Sally Sallett and finally first place to “Holy Child, Selby Abbey” by Dale Barton. Congratulation to them all.

An interesting evening and Gordon’s comments gave rise to lots of discussion.

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