Macro and Garden with Steve Hedges

Macro and Garden with Steve Hedges

Members welcomed Steve Hedges who was able to join on Zoom from the South East to present his talk on the subject of Macro and Garden.

Steve was able to bring the key elements required to photograph any subject into sharp focus for the specialist area of macro photography. Steve explained the difference between close-up and macro photography then covered the different types of lenses or lens equipment like macro lenses, extension tubes and even the revering rings.

The key areas of depth of field, composition, focusing and focus stacking were all brought to life with some excellent images and real life examples and explanations, then we covered lighting and shutter speeds and Steve explained how to bring everything together in different way depending on the subject and environment.

After a short tea break Steve moved from macro to the garden showing many more of his images whilst all the time providing background and context of why he had taken the images in a particularly way or how he might choose to take them differently.

It was an interesting and informative evening and I am sure members took away some great tips to try the next time they try to get up close and personal with some of the smaller aspects of the garden. If you are interested in reading more about Steve and his work you can do so on his website.