Many Trees to choose!

Trees was the subject of the February on line competition and our judge this month, Peter Wells, was presented with many different interpretations to choose from. He commented “What a treat, 26 images to choose from, not an easy task with the general quality being so high” – luckily for us Peter was able to complete the task so here are the results

1st Place: Winter Silhouette – Chris Goodacre. A really captivating image, beautifully treated with everything in the right place even down to the birds in the sky and the muted sun. Who knows whether the people or birds were in the original image but in any case the final result is just great, well done. 

2nd Place: The Spinny – Nigel Hazell. A really unusual panning shot which I know is so hard to do well. Great tones and colours add to this super eye-catching image. I love the creativity shown by the author in seeing an image where many of us wouldn’t have seen one.

3rd Place: Tree in the Mist – Tim Jonas. A lovely soothing image in such a restful tone too. The tree is a great shape and the background gives just a hint of the woods behind. I think it might even have done even better flipped so the tree is to the left rather than on the right and a little bit trimmed off each side to make it slightly less letterbox!

There were also two awards of Highly Commended – Lost in the mist and Lone Tree, both images to be proud of! Well done to Paul Smith & Michelle Howell

Next month the subject is Food and the judge hungry for your offerings is Nigel Hazell, so why not have a go.

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