March Online Competition Results

The March subject was “Patterns and Shapes” as you know and now we have Sally’s view on how the entries “shaped up”. Here are her words of wisdom.

Phew, that was hard!   Many good images & a wide variety of subjects.  Had a bit of fun playing ‘Guess the Author’ !
So, at the risk of making many enemies…..
  1. Whole lot of holes…. Super colours, well squared up & sharp. I particularly like the way one could see the ‘M’ in the background , adding an extra dimension.  (PeterW?) Sorry – you got that author wrong Sally
  2. Change the menu…. A simple scene that many might have walked past. Just showing that patterns are all around us. (Is it a Kershaw?) Sorry – wrong again
  3. Patterns in Green…. Can’t argue with the title, how green are those leaves? Pleasing shapes & great light.
Well done all! ✔
and to finish up, a few commendeds…
Ascension…. Lovely dreamy mono or is it just a bit soft?  can’t decide!
Love hearts… the only constructed image/ still life, subtle tones make it very pleasing on the eye. Would make an excellent  greetings card. {Sarah B?) Right this time
Valencia Aquarium…  Good enough for the RPS, good enough for me!  I KNOW this is Jack B’s!  Got to be right with this one!
Well that was Sally’s view and I tend to agree with her ….. but do you? Have a look below and see if your choices made the top 3. Well done to all for entering and remember the online competition subject for April is URBAN. Uploads by the end of the 20th April please.

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