The evening of Monday 12th June saw a competition with a difference. David Kershaw is better known as our General Secretary and one of the key cornerstones of the club but on this occasion he was in charge of this fun, informal evening (as only he knows the rules……) where images from one team are chosen to match up with those of another (and vice versa). Basically there were two teams, each having 24 images. One team put up an image from their “bank” of images and the other team had to put one from theirs that they believed matches it in some way. Those images couldn’t then be used again. Neither team knows in advance the images of the other team. The “matches” proved to be very interesting to say the least Here’s a sample
Duck vs Giant Sparrow
Playing cards vs Horse Racing
Wooden Donkey vs Two Dogs
Old Switches vs Still Life
Fishing Boats vs Lobster Pots
Sausages vs Brass Band
Drummer vs Swan
As you can see, when the teams had used up most of the images, matching became very difficult if not bizarre!

Early on in the competition – before things got lively!

David was the judge and awarded points, sometimes for the images, sometimes for comments and sometimes he deducted points for ….. well whatever takes his fancy. Normally judging takes place in silence but this is an event where heckling, barracking, boos and cheers are an essential part of the fun. It was a very entertaining and enjoyable night and reminded everyone that photography can be fun as well as art. In the end the result was a draw – even though the judge’s score sheet showed that he had only marked 23 images when 24 were shown!

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