Maurice Biglin Competition Results

Tonight, 21st July, the judging of the Maurice Biglin Flower Competition was held and David Burgess ARPS from Pontefract came to sort out the winners. All 26 entries were reviewed in detail and David provided good constructive comments with each one. There were a wide variety of flowers – small to large, every colour you could think of – a wide variety of settings – indoor, garden, in the wild – and a wide variety of treatments and techniques on show. In the end it came down to  seven images which David thought the best of the evening. “Cyclamen Alba” by David Kershaw was commended and and “Marsh Orchid” by Steve Womack, “Bluebells under the Beech” by Mike Hart and “Poppy” by Sarah Hargreaves were Highly Commended. In third place came “Into Bloom” by Nigel Hazell, whilst second place went to “Loarta Avens” by Steve Womack. The winner on the night though was “Evening Poppies” by Mike Hart. Congratulation to them. A gallery with their images will be on the website soon.

After the judging David Burgess then gave us a quick introduction to his own photography. His main theme was candid portraits and he illustrated how  a small compact camera can be used to good effect. Although people were his main interest it didn’t stop him from proucing some wonderful shots of buildings. Often David referred  to old film techniques and how they are still relevant in the digital world. In all Davis showed a wide variety of subject matter, approaches and techniques. A really interesting evening.

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