May Online – Construction – The Results

Ok so a fairly difficult subject to carry out, which is why im guessing there was only a few entries, that or everyone is on holiday ?. Obviously construction sites are dangerous, with limited access, so there is a limit to how close you can get to the subject which limits creativity. 
So without further adoo, and in keeping with my previous judging, i will make a few comments on each image before deciding on the final 3. You can choose to take the comments on board, or you can do what i do and just think the judge knows nothing ?. 
Anyone know where the Lift is.
a clever title, and with the construction worker nicely positioned on the upper third looking down adds a bit of context. I feel the composition could be a little stronger if the author moved a little to the left to get the structure straight on. the top right part of the structure would have not been cut off and the converging verticals would have made the structure more dominant. 
Exposure is good, barring a little bright area at the top as is the depth of field, but shows an element of buildings not often seen once the floors and cladding go up around them. 
Building Works
I liked the idea of getting the fencing in this shot rather than trying to shoot through the fencing by getting closer. it adds a bit of context to the theme and shows the difficulties in getting close to building sites. The composition leading in from the left works well, its just a shame the white balance is off (if shooting raw this can be changed in post) as there appears to have been some lovely sunset light reflected in the window on the left which my eye keeps going back to? but the lower part of the scene has a blue cast.
It is verging on being a little underexposed, but i liked the idea of shooting at sunset to try and add a bit more interest. 
I like the mono conversion of this one, knowing building sites, they are full of brightly coloured objects (for safety of course) or they have parts of the structure like this steel work which is either a dull red, or more often these days grey, so i think turning the image to black and white all over keeps the focus on the steelwork, particularly the curve which has a nice lead in from the left.
its such a shame that the steel work beyond is so sharp too, as it clutters the scene, maybe a different aperture choice may have softened the back ground.
in the left corner the author has put the intersecting parts of the structure all together which works well as a holding point before the eye follows the curve, with the intersecting purlins spanning out wards all having a bit of space between each one. 
as with the first image, i wonder how the curve would look if taken from straight on? may not be possible but hopefully the author was able to get a few different angles.
Would you truss this floor
very similar to the previous entry in that its the steel frame of a building, but more pattern type picture with the lines and circles, reminds me a bit like connect 4. I cant help feeling though it has been cropped a little too tight on the left where the columns are. Having the columns framing the left and right edges of the scene would have improved the composition as my eyes are being led to the left and can keep going out of the frame, on the right they hit the column and stop. Exposure wise, its a little dull due to the meter taking in the brightness of the circles in the beams, but this could be lifted. 
A New Wakefield 
Sounds like the title of the new star was movie ?. Yes a typical sight ( i nearly wrote site but thought better!) these days across Wakefield as there is loads of house building going on. I like the arrangement of the houses in the scene, arcing up from the bottom of the image with a nice sky. There is little wrong with it technically, exposure is good, depth of field is good theres lots of detail to see it fits the competition. 
my only niggle is whether the composition would be better if a small amount of sky was taken from the top just to bring the houses up to the top third?
Oslo Opera House 
A good idea and i think i know what you were trying to achieve with the cranes in shot to signify construction, but… the main subject is the opera house but it appears that the construction work is to the left of the building. I do like the reflections of the cranes on the ice 
its a shame the crane on the right has just been clipped. 
Exposure wise it just needs lifting a bit, as it appears a bit dull, but the interesting sky and interesting shape to the building and ice in the foreground make for an interesting image. 
So here is the important bit. 
in third place – Robert Bilton – Anyone know where the lift is – i liked that the method of constructing the stair case can be seen. 
in second place  –  Tim Jonas – A New Wakefield –  the curve of the houses arcing through the scene helped this one into the placings. 
and taking the top spot – Sally Sallett – Skeletal – the composition of the steel elements made this a strong contender the first time i looked through the images. 
Well done to the winners, but thank you to everyone that took part, it was not an easy subject to photograph, hopefully low light will be more accessible for everyone ?

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