The subject of the October Online competition was Movement. Our judge this month provided the following feedback on the selected images.

Sadly , rather a small entry this month. ☹ C’mon you can’t have all that much else to do at the mo!  😲

So, “Movement” was the theme & my choices are as follows….  ( rather liked the cycle racing one BUT it turned out to be mine! ) 

3rd Place – Bathing Beauty.  Good sharp eye & head, uncluttered background, with plenty of flapping & water droplets. Good composition given that bird was moving about, with enough space to the right.

2nd Place – He’s on Fire.  Well panned child on bike both of which are pin sharp, there’s movement also visible in the bike wheels. Like the title as it refers back to the helmet! Just a shame that the background is so busy, might it have been worth masking the subject & desaturating background a little?

1st Place- Missed it!   Using an exposure long enough to cause motion blur, the photographer has told a good story of pursuing the disappearing train. Some blown highlights but overall I can live with then as the tube is a brightly lit, busy, place & not much time would have been available to compose the shot. Would have been even better had there been someone chasing after it!  😉

Well done to all those who took the time to enter & let’s have a bumper entry next month!