Moving on to the online results!

The theme for the May online competition was “Movement” and there was lots of movement to be seen in the entries. Jack Bunn LRPS was our judge this time and after due deliberation here are his words of wisdom.

Well, you horrible lot, you have given me a proper challenge. I have looked at these 8/9 times. Even the wife has mulled them over a few times. I have shot at sports events including the Tour-de-France and a few parades, so I know how difficult some of these images are to capture. I also know how easy it is to doctor the truth. Which is why it’s so difficult. But l have made my decision.
First is Tour-de-Yorkshire. A well captured image under very difficult conditions. Hemmed in close to the barrier as they wiz past. The colour and atmosphere are great. To hold the shot and get the sweat on them is fantastic. I know it’s not straight out of the camera but the author has worked hard to get the shot and produce a stunning image.
Second is Leisure, Pleasure and Natural Movement. This image does what is says on the tin. The guy is having a leisurely stroll, the dog is having fun running around and the yacht is catching a breeze whilst the waves roll in. It’s not the sharpest and the man and dog have no detail. That doesn’t matter to me the image is right for this competition.
Third is Abstract Wave. It’s just so simple blue and white and absolutely nothing static in the picture. The waters moving the splashes are moving, even the droplets are flying all over. A really relaxing shot.
Highly commended is Leaning Into It. Very nice sharp image.  Taken from a high vantage point I assume. Just a couple of points stopped it getting placed higher. A shadow always moves with the object and as such can’t suffer from motion blur and just above the rear wheel is something not quite right. But overall a great shot.
So guys and gals that’s the lot from me for this years online comps and when I judge an online next year please don’t made it so difficult.
Thanks to you all for entering. Jack.

Now you can see the images below with the names of their authors and judge for yourself. Remember next month the subject is “The Colour RED

(Click on an image to enlarge it. You can move backwards/forwards by using your keyboard arrow keys, clicking on the left/right of an image, or place your cursor on an image to see the arrows. Close an image by clicking on the cross in the top right hand corner.)


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